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It’s time for the GOP to STFU about the TSA.

Yes, the pat-downs and scanners have caused some awkward, humiliating moments. TSA workers have stepped way over the line. It’s  terrible about Mr. Thomas Sawyer’s urostomy bag and the people with prostheses and that guy with his now iconic “junk.”

But the way the Right has politicized this issue marks a new low. Under a Republican president, you can imagine Rush, and Glenn and Hannity and the entire Cheney family telling Mr. Sawyer & Co. to “man up” for the sake of national security.

And now? Any excuse to stick it to President Obama, any scent of “Kenyan” blood in the water, and the Party of Lincoln turns into the Party of The Globe and Weekly World News.

Can you imagine the GOP response if Obama had not implemented these security measures  and some schlub with 10,000 virgins in his head and TNT up his ass slipped through the gates and brought down an airliner? Or even got caught in the act by an alert crew and passengers?

You can hear it now: Obama doesn’t keep us safe. Obama let the terrorists win. The Cheneys, Fox— the whole bunch would be ranting and raving and mocking and feeding the “Obama’s a secret socialist Nazi Muslim wimp” beast.

Of course if a Republican occupied The White House, the TSA pat-downs would be hailed as a shining example of the “we-are-the-party-of-national security” myth. With a Democrat in office—especially this Democrat—the Republicans have suddenly found their civil liberties chops. You have folks like the good pastor Mike Huckabee sneering that Obama and his family should get a good patting down, and see how they like it. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

Where were these guys when Bush ran roughshod over the Constitution, and endorsed torture? What if Democrats had carped like this in the wake of 9/11, or some multicolored “terror threat” on George Bush’s watch? That would be “hating America.”

The sheer, cynical hypocrisy takes your breath away.

It’s time for the Right and the GOP to keep their junk to themselves.


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